A hidden polluter

Where a flight trip comes to mind as a climate sinner in the minds of many, the Internet has become an invisible CO2 emitter in our lives. But the truth is that the Internet emits some CO2.

In fact, the ICT sector emits 2% of the total global carbon footprint. About the same amount as the aviation sector emits.

Green technology

We, in Mostly Code, believe that the climate footprint of the ICT sector can be reduced. Not by using the internet less, but by using it smarter.

Therefore, we only host our websites with cloud providers that use and invest in green and renewable energy. At the same time, we only develop with the latest web technology that minimizes your website's need for server capacity - and thus your website's CO2 footprint.

Save the planet.
Save your website.

We don't believe there's a simple solution for making the digital transformation green. Our solutions are designed exclusively for sustainability. We use web technology that is lightning fast, bullet proof safe and above all user friendly.

Our starting point is static websites. A type of website that does not need to be directly connected to a server.

Therefore, the carbon footprint is significantly smaller for a static website than traditional dynamic ones.

With static websites, you get web development's answer to a Tesla: a digital product that is lightning fast, secure and environmentally friendly.

Static website firstmovers

Companies that are already running green static websites

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Short answer: probably. But let's find out.

Don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll be happy to help you figuring out, if JAMstack is suitable for your next web project.