MVP development

If you need a skilled party who can provide technical leadership and be hands-on on your project, look no further. We're ready to help getting ready for launch.

Is your idea the next startup-unicorn, or did you just find an exciting whole in the market?

We can help you develop your platform or product, whether you already have a validated idea or are launching an MVP.

  • Identification of needs, setting boundaries and technical specifications

  • Technical leadership

  • Product development

  • Go to market-strategy and launch

If you're done with manual digital workflows, we can probably help you automate it, so you can free up valuable time.

Other useful startup services

Other than product development, we can also help you make your product look great.

Website-package deal

If you're launching a new business and need to get started yesterday, this product is for you.

We offer a sensible solution without too much extra equipment, that your business can grow with. All maintainable by you.

Brand identity

We offer bespoke branding and visual identity for your business

Animation and sound

Animation of e.g. your logo that can be used in videos or as a gif.