Ad hoc support

Every once in a while, you need a life line. We offer a couple of them.

If you occasionally need technical support with your website or minor tweaks, you can buy vouchers that are valid for a year.

  • Minor website adjustments

  • Development of small features

  • Other relevant IT-tasks (mail setup, move DNS etc.)

If you occasionally need illustrations or custom assets, we offer vouchers that are valid for a year

  • Production of 2D- and 3D-illustrations

  • Lottie-animations for web

  • Minor animations in movie- or gif-format

We can also help with this

Animation and sound

Animation of e.g. your logo that can be used in videos or as a gif.

Logo design

Custom made logo deliveren in vector format

Automation of manual work

If you're done with manual digital workflows, we can probably help you automate it, so you can free up valuable time.