We mostly code.
And we are Mostly Code.

Mostly Code is a small web agency in the middle of Aarhus Denmark. We're remote first. We're passionate about programming, and creating sustainable, eye-catching and really fast websites.

How we're sustainable

More than just code

Our competences and network are far reaching. That's why we also provide other services than just programming, although our main focus is the high-quality bespoken web solution.

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Aside from being sustainable, all our solutions comes with batteries included.

  • A sustainable solution, based on the latest web technology

  • Free hosting (up to 10GB traffic / month)

  • Free SSL-Certificate (Let's Encrypt)

  • User-friendly CMS and training

  • No strings attached

Some of what we offer

No task is too little or too big. We mostly make bespoke websites, but we make solutions of all sizes.

If you're launching a new business and need to get started yesterday, this product is for you.

We offer a sensible solution without too much extra equipment, that your business can grow with. All maintainable by you.

  • Your brand and colors

  • Two flexible page templates: Landing-page and article-page

  • Short delivery (2 to 8 days)

  • Pick a module: Contact form or collect e-mails in MailChimp

Sometimes, a cookie-cutter solution simply just won't cut it. This product is for you, who have special needs for pagetypes, functionality and layout.

We'll help you uncover your needs and make a great offer, so you can kickstart your new website with the best possible foundation for success.

  • Tailormade design

  • Page types that fits your business

  • Custom functionality

We do other things than programming

Logo design

Custom made logo deliveren in vector format

Animation and sound

Animation of e.g. your logo that can be used in videos or as a gif.

Automation of manual work

If you're done with manual digital workflows, we can probably help you automate it, so you can free up valuable time.

Need help?

Are you starting on a new website, scoping a new webshop or perhaps an MVP?

Whether you need scoping, advice or development, we're ready to help you.